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Chef Review | Eric Watson

The next chef has been a key component in many areas regarding the local restaurant industry. Eric Watson, a Colorado Native, moved to Fargo with his wife Sara. The duo have owned and operated Mezzaluna, Rustica and Mosaic Catering. Eric was the Co-Founder of the local chef’s association and has participated as adjunct faculty at both NDSCS and NDSU. Eric is now the Director of Culinary Operations at Fargo Country Club.

“When I was a teenager, I innocently fell into the food industry and fell in love with it. I graduated from Culinary School in 1997 and have stuck with the industry ever since.”

Eric chose Tati’s Mediterranean Saveur, located in The Lights building on Sheyenne Street in West Fargo. He tried their Fish Tajeen dish.

“They are offering a product that is very unique to our culinary scene. Their menu is full of fresh and clean-tasting food. The dishes are flavorful and thoughtfully put together.”

Fargo Country Club
509 26th Ave S, Fargo
(701) 237-9122
Facebook: @Fargo Country Club
Instagram: @fargo.countryclub


This dish has a nice balance and complexity of flavors. The fresh citrus provides a bold yet pleasant aroma. The sauce is simple yet makes your palate think it’s more complicated. The toasted almonds provide a great texture balance. I have been frequenting Tati’s for quite some time and have enjoyed many dishes. The Fish Tajeen has been a recent favorite of mine, but I also enjoy the Falafel, Baba Ghannooj, Labneh and Hummus. I think most of us respect and appreciate when the owners of the restaurant are present, visible and focused on integrity. Tati’s is all about that.

Tati’s Mediterranean Saveur
3150 Sheyenne St Suite 170, West Fargo
(701) 532-4545
Facebook: @Tati’s Mediterranean Saveur
Instagram: @tatis.mediterranean

Written by Geneva Nodland

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