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A Gastronomic Trip to Rwanda

Think Global, Act Local: A Gastronomic Trip To Rwanda

by Alexandre Cyusaon Nov 16, 2017
Let me take you on a gastronomic trip to the land of milk and honey where the soil of its thousand hills is so fertile that everything you harvest has a divine and flavorful taste!

Tastes of the World

Tastes Of The World

by Andrew Jasonon Nov 14, 2017
Read on as we discover all the new scents, flavors and ingredients that are making up the Fargo-Moorhead community.

mixologist chris staloch

Mixologist Of The Month: Tru Blu Social Club

by Kara Jefferson Nov 6, 2017
With the cold weather reminding us we are one step closer to an infamous Fargo winter, we are thankful for Tru Blu Social Club's Chris Staloch for sharing this sweet drink, promising us that spring will come again.

Eric Watson recipe Goat Shepherd's pie

Culinary Spotlight: Goat, It “Does Not” Taste Just Like Chicken

by Eric Watsonon Nov 3, 2017
The rest of the world seems to have a great appreciation and appetite for goat but that’s not the case here in America.

Henry Quach

A Tapas Takeover Is Happening In This Canadian City

by Travel Manitobaon Oct 26, 2017
Winnipeg is a melting pot of different cuisines and flavors, as well as a wealth of up-and-coming chefs from all across the world.

karl krueger bartender

Mixologist Of The Month: The Bomb Shelter

by Erica Rappon Oct 23, 2017
With over 16 years of experience in the bar industry, bartender Karl Krueger knows just how to satisfy your flavor palette whether it’s with punchy shots or one of his tasty Cognac creations.

Made In Fargo Monthly

Fargo Cheese and Wine pairing

Classic(ish) Cheese & Wine Pairings

by Nikk Berglundon Oct 13, 2017
When it comes to cheese and wine pairing, there is so much going on these days that choosing the right combinations can get downright intimidating.

Polenta, Italian porridge

Culinary Spotlight: Ahhh, This Porridge Is Just Right

by Eric Watsonon Oct 10, 2017
Polenta (aka Italian porridge) is neutral in flavor and can be served with just about anything. Seafood, poultry, pork–you name it.

tailgator nachos Hooligans

5 Things To Eat & Drink This October

by Erica Rappon Oct 4, 2017
Whether you're looking for snacks, sweets or something in-between, we've got plenty of suggestions when it comes to tasty local fare for you to try this month.

onyx + pearl

New Businesses In Fargo-Moorhead You Need To Check Out

by Fargo Monthlyon Sep 20, 2017
As Fargo-Moorhead grows, so does the list of businesses. We set out to find some of the coolest new businesses in town. Here's what we dug up!