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New In Town: BLU Water Creek

Photos courtesy of Hair Success Salon & Spa

A unique business development is taking shape in Fargo. BLU Water Creek will have Hair Success Salon & Spa, A Cutting Edge, a restaurant, event center, retail boutiques (including leela & lavender) and outdoor areas to occupy.

BLU Water Creek

We sat down with Hair Success’ Owner Jill Krahn and Marketing Director Randy Vadnais to discuss BLU Water Creek, which will be opening mid-January.

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What is BLU Water Creek?
Jill Krahn: BLU Water Creek stands for Beauty, Love and Unforgettable. It’s all about wellness and lifestyle balancing. We want people to bring out the beauty inside of themselves. Everyone has beauty but most don’t even know they have it. There’s beauty in so many different forms. I never look at the exterior. I think how you feel about yourself and your mindset is everything.

Randy Vadnais: From my perspective, I’ve always called BLU Water Creek as a whole the “women’s haven” — jewelry store, boutique, salon and spa. That’s how I’ve viewed it. They’re building this community that focuses on beauty, health and wellness. I can’t believe there isn’t a fitness center yet. There probably will be.

What sparked the idea of BLU Water as a whole?
JK: Because of lifestyle. Everyone is so busy. It’s one thing I like about places like Walmart and Target, you can get everything in one stop. I think, “where can I go and get it all?” It’s really about timing. I think time right now is worth more than money. So if they can go somewhere and shop, eat and relax on their own or while hanging out with friends and family all in one place, I think people are really in tune with that.

How do you choose who to include in BLU Water?
JK: Some were looking to move and timing was perfect to move together. Others were friends of mine looking to start a new business and I knew they were really passionate about what they do. We’ve asked others too, businesses we think would fit well with the culture, so we’re hoping those seeds will grow.

How do you think BLU Water Creek will affect the Fargo-Moorhead area?
JK: Right now, the new Hair Success we’re building will be the largest salon and day spa in the U.S.

It’s a women’s haven, yes, but men, more than ever, need to relax and unwind because of stress, too, and they also care about their grooming more than ever. I’ve seen business with men really pick up. I’ve also seen the skin business really pick up. I predict that between now and 2022 — I read a lot of reports about what’s coming so I can be prepared — it’s the and men’s services.

RV: What it’s going to bring to Fargo-Moorhead is an experience you’d normally have to go to Minneapolis to get and you probably couldn’t even get as good of an experience in Minneapolis, especially all in the same place.

BLU Water Creek

JK: Having a facility to be able to bring a few people and have an experience with your family and friends that’s all about relaxing and unwinding and really focusing on yourself and your own body, and then at the end being able to celebrate and have time for friendships and relationships — to have a place where you can do everything at the same time. Most places don’t have a facility big enough to be able to get the whole family in. It’s also got private suites. We want to focus on togetherness and having it private so no one else can watch you, hopefully taking away any insecurities.

We also aren’t only taking care of the guests, it’s designed around our staff and team as well. We get to watch our service providers grow in their careers along with our guests finding their beauty. It’s like a hybrid salon and spa — something totally new. There’s nowhere else in Fargo like it.

VIP Membership Program
JK: We also have a VIP membership program, working with a lot of other businesses to be able to bring them their best value. It’ll be $20 per month, but for the first people who sign up, we’re doing $10 per month. This won’t be just with Hair Success, it’s with the whole BLU Water Creek. Members will get special services. Every two months we change it up, but, for example, the VIP list will be emailed first if there are openings. They can also bring friends to the grotto area, giving them a nice private experience.

BLU Water Creek

Hair Success Salon & Day Spa
Corner of 32nd Avenue and 45th Street South

Written by Kara Jeffers

Fargo Monthly Editor Kara Jeffers is from Garrison, North Dakota, a small town north of Bismarck, North Dakota, on Lake Sakakawea. She graduated from North Dakota State University in May 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and minor in theatre arts. In addition to working at Spotlight Media, Jeffers also works at the Fargo-Moorhead Visitor’s Center, where she’s one of the first people (and, at times, the only person) visitors meet when they arrive in North Dakota—talk about pressure.

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