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TedxFargo 2017

Community Spotlight: It’s Time To Trust Fargo

by Greg Tehvenon Sep 25, 2017
Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography On Thursday, July 27, we hosted our 8th TEDxFargo event. On Wednesday, July 26, I had the most anxiety-filled day of my career. With nearly 2,000 folks heading to the event to hear the group of 24 speakers I had invited to speak the next day, I was filled […]

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: Is For-Profit Philanthropy The Key To A Vibrant Community?

by Greg Tehvenon Aug 23, 2017
Greg Tehven discusses the ways in which the Fargo-Moorhead community can implement for-profit philanthropy to increase a new way of living.

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NDSU professor and entrepreneur champion Dr. David

Community Spotlight: Remembering Dr. David Wells

by Greg Tehvenon Jul 26, 2017
On his way out of life, NDSU professor and entrepreneur champion Dr. David Wells left us with 3 lessons we all need to learn.

Greg Tehven Fargo

Community Spotlight: The Fargo Thesis

by Greg Tehvenon May 18, 2017
Greg Tehven breaks down The Fargo Thesis—3 simple steps that seem to be the common thread in a variety of events, communities and efforts.

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: Could There Be A Fourth Economy?

by Greg Tehvenon Apr 10, 2017
As the world changes, and disruption continues to push innovation and challenge tradition, a fourth economy is taking a stronger hold and we must pay

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: Now Is The Time To Fail

by Greg Tehvenon Mar 28, 2017
At a time in our country's history where new challenge are emerging and our political climate is shifting, all of us must remember that failure is okay, and sometimes, even when we give it our best, it can be difficult to fail.

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: The Year Of Essential

by Greg Tehvenon Jan 16, 2017
Do you want to have a life focused on essential things? Do you want more time for those you love? Projects you want to start? Space to feel more alive? Here are a few ideas that might be able to guide your process.

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: What If Your Company Died Today?

by Greg Tehvenon Dec 23, 2016
One year ago, Emerging Prairie was in a tight spot. We were nervous about making payroll, as some of our assumptions didn’t hold true and we were crunched for cash. Upon learning about the situation, I initiated a spending freeze on all disposable decisions and the team was asked to look through all accounts receivable to figure out if we had any unclaimed cash. We also conducted an exercise that was extremely critical to help our organization understand its value proposition and think through how we could weather this challenging situation. We planned our funeral.

I love Fargo Prairie Room Greg Tehvan

Community Spotlight: Explore Downtown Fargo With This Scavenger Hunt

by Greg Tehvenon Nov 16, 2016
"My local adventure has inspired me to challenge you–yes, you the reader– to take a half day and join me on a scavenger hunt filled with fun. If you should complete this challenge, which I hope you do, I’ll treat you to the “Hit and Run” special at a hard-to-find coffee shop tucked away in an alley in Downtown Fargo (reveal of location found in the scavenger hunt)." - Greg Tehven

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: The Disease Of Discount

by Greg Tehvenon Oct 24, 2016
For many of us, we have hot buttons, topics or requests that upset us, get us on our soap boxes or put us in a state of pure frustration. Lets break it down.