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Eric Watson recipe Goat Shepherd's pie

Culinary Spotlight: Goat, It “Does Not” Taste Just Like Chicken

by Eric Watsonon Nov 3, 2017
The rest of the world seems to have a great appreciation and appetite for goat but that’s not the case here in America.

Polenta, Italian porridge

Culinary Spotlight: Ahhh, This Porridge Is Just Right

by Eric Watsonon Oct 10, 2017
Polenta (aka Italian porridge) is neutral in flavor and can be served with just about anything. Seafood, poultry, pork–you name it.

Made In Fargo Monthly

Culinary Spotlight Eric Watson

Culinary Spotlight: We’re Not ‘Yolking’ Around Here!

by Eric Watsonon Sep 13, 2017
Chefs are obsessed with eggs. Most food obsessions start at a young age. For me, it was when I was 9 or 10 and began cooking my own breakfast. I loved my sunny-side-up eggs with buttered toast.

Eric Watson Mole Sause

Culinary Spotlight: Mole – A Sauce As Complex As Its Roots

by Eric Watsonon Oct 24, 2016
Like many culinary creations, the specific origin and creation of mole is highly debatable. I think it’s safe to say that mole is a true Mexican dish but exactly who it’s creator is is a bit of a mystery.

Fried chicken from rustica in moorhead for culinary spotlight

Culinary Spotlight: Fried Chicken – Traditional American Is Trendy Again

by Eric Watsonon Sep 26, 2016
In September's Culinary Spotlight column, Chef Eric Watson talks about the variety of dishes that can be created by using an entire fresh chicken, and shares a classic recipe for some good 'ol fried chicken.

Ratatouille recipe by Eric Watson

Culinary Spotlight: Ratatouille – A Classic, Versatile Dish

by Eric Watsonon Sep 2, 2016
Chef Eric Watson talks about how this classic French dish can fit almost any season and almost any flavor profile.

Eric Watson - Culinary Spotlight: Roasted Vegetables – Beyond Crudité

Culinary Spotlight: Roasted Vegetables – Beyond Crudité

by Eric Watsonon Jul 26, 2016
Chef Eric Watson can tell you that the one constant regarding a platter of raw vegetables is that exactly one out of 100 people attending the party will actually be happy that it’s on the buffet, especially in the Midwest. Carnivores need a better reason to eat vegetables than simply the notion that their health may be at risk.

elote - recipe by Eric Watson

Culinary Spotlight: Elote – Created In Mexico, Destined For Your Backyard

by Eric Watsonon Jun 30, 2016
For this month's Culinary Spotlight column, Chef Eric Watson prepared a delicious Mexican Elote that you can easily do yourself at your backyard barbecues this summer.

In The Weeds: Struggling To Find Good Cooks

Culinary Spotlight: In The Weeds – Struggling To Find Good Cooks

by Eric Watsonon May 24, 2016
Expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed. Unfortunately, I’ve recently adopted this philosophy when it comes to hiring and retaining cooks for our business. Finding a hard- working, qualified cook has always been challenging in this town but now, with so many new restaurants, it’s downright depressing.

Leek Omelet made by Eric Watson

Culinary Spotlight: Springing A Leek – The Subtly of Springtime Onions

by Eric Watsonon Apr 28, 2016
Chef Eric Watson talks about his techniques for springtime cooking with different types of onions, leeks and more. Get his recipe for a delicious leek omelet in this month's culinary spotlight.