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Health & Wellness Spotlight: An Inconvenient Appetite?

by C. J. Englishon Sep 22, 2017
My husband and I are doing something much more radical than just turning off the lights and unplugging from the grid. We eat plants–a lifestyle that has reduced our carbon footprint far more than all of our other efforts combined.

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue

An Ongoing Rescue Story: Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue

by C. J. Englishon Jul 19, 2017
They are small but mighty. The Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue is a husband-and-wife duo who have rescued 1,600 animals out of their own home just in the last few years.

C.J. English Fargo

Health & Wellness Spotlight: “Foodish”

by C. J. Englishon Mar 22, 2017
Even though something is edible, can we really consider it food? The better question might be how “healthy” are those foods? Which begs another inquiry into what is the definition of “healthy” in 2017?