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Alexandre Cyusa Fargo

7 Ways To Engage With The FM Community

by Alexandre Cyusaon Apr 17, 2017
After joining different circles and networks in the area, Alexandre Cyusa went from saying “there is not much to do” to “I cannot do it all." As the community liaison of Folkways, he's had the privilege of fully interacting with the community in numerous ways and he shares his favorite ways for anyone to engage with it.

Alexandre Cyusa Fargo

Community Spotlight: 5 Reasons Why I Stayed In Fargo After College

by Alexandre Cyusaon Feb 14, 2017
Answering why I chose to stay here in the FM area after I graduated in December 2014 is when it gets interesting. I find myself constantly explaining these reasons to friends and family living in different areas of the United States or even those overseas that can barely put Fargo on the map. This is why I have decided to share with you my top five reasons why I whole-heartedly decided to stay in this emerging “Silicon Prairie.”