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Brains and Brawn: A Love Letter to My Gym

by Fargo Monthlyon Jan 31, 2014
Even for those who love to exercise, the gym can be a place of suffering and drudgery. But, we get enjoyment and satisfaction there, too. For this month when we celebrate love, I want to show some affection for the place I sweat, struggle and evolve. My main gym these days is the Anytime Fitness in Dilworth, MN, but many of these sentiments apply to gyms everywhere.

Photo of Gwen Fargo Stride

Brains and Brawn: How You Can Be an Expert, Too

by Fargo Monthlyon Jan 14, 2014
My first idea for this column was to somehow find a fresh take on New Year’s resolutions—probably a hopeless task. Then I learned that this issue of Stride would feature experts in different categories who can help people achieve their New Year’s goals. This got me thinking about expertise and how it affects people’s perspectives on fitness. Though fitness experts have a lot to offer the rest of us, it’s worth examining how expertise can also hold us back. It’s worth asking when the expert/non-expert distinction is helpful and when it isn’t.

Photo of Gwen Fargo Stride

Brains and Brawn: Non-Gift Guide

by Fargo Monthlyon Dec 9, 2013
By Gwendolyn Hoberg   Virtually every magazine has holiday gift guides this time of year, and health and fitness magazines are no exception. “The runner on your list will love this fleece pullover!” “For your friend obsessed with bling, there’s a new line of Swarovski resistance bands.” (No, that is not a real product—probably.) Stocking […]

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A Guide to Fitness Volunteering

by Fargo Monthlyon Nov 4, 2013
What do you give back to your community—money, goods, professional services? These are worthy gifts, but there is something else most of us can give: our physical resources, our bodily strength and vitality. In some respects, this is the easiest way to give of yourself. It can be simply showing up at someone’s home, picking up a shovel, and throwing snow into piles. It can be walking around with a dog. It can be rock wall climbing with a child in a Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

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Fear and Lifting in Fargo-Moorhead

by Fargo Monthlyon Oct 9, 2013
By Gwendolyn Hoberg Gwen has been a weightlifter for almost 10 years and lives in Moorhead. She is also an editor, writer and classical musician.   Part of being a regular exerciser, perhaps especially a weightlifter, is the willingness to regularly confront fear. My emotional state (as it relates to weights) fluctuates quite a bit within and […]