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50 Hidden Treasures To Discover In Downtown Fargo

Photos by staff photographers and special to Fargo Monthly

Arrrrrr you ready to follow along with us as we explore what makes Downtown Fargo so great? See if you can find all 50 treasures and, remember, X marks the spot.

1. Share The Knowledge

Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Did you know that outside of Pontoppidan Lutheran Church on Fourth Street there’s a Little Free Library? These libraries can be found across the world and exist so people can take a book to read and leave a different book for someone else. The goal of Little Free Library is for everyone to have access to books.

2. Conquer That Sugar Fix

Yeobo Sweet Shop

Yeobo Sweet Shop

With candies from all around the country and the world, Yeobo in Unglued features sweets from Holland, Germany, Spain and Mexico. Their most popular item is the crunch bear that has a surprising tropical flavor. However, the staff favorite are the sour sharks. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, we recommend trying the red hot chili pepper gummies.

3. Graffiti Galore

Keep your eyes open next time you’re going for a stroll and you’ll be surprised at how many spaces are decorated with impressive murals. Which one is your favorite? Tell us @FargoMonthly.

Broadway Garage

Graffiti at Broadway Garage

Graffiti at Broadway Garage

Garage doors behind APT (Mural by Hideuhs)

Garage doors behind APT

Mural by Great Northern Bicycle Company

Graffiti by Great Northern Bicycle Company

Wall behind the Forum (You can actually contribute to this wall!)

Graffiti behind The Forum

Bunny behind the Bismarck

Bunny graffiti behind the Bismarck

Penguin wall in the alley on 8th St. South by Nichole’s Fine Pastry

Graffiti by Nichole's Fine Pastry

4. Bloody Mary With Wine?

Bloody Mary from the VIP Room

We bet you haven’t had a Bloody Mary like this before! Made with cabernet sauvignon, the California Bloody Mary from the VIP Room also includes their Bloody Mary mix with Worcestershire, celery salt, lime and other deliciousness. It tastes just like the real thing.

5. Broga?

Downtown Yoga

Downtown Yoga

Downtown Yoga

In what might be one of the most unique yoga experiences around, Dani Thompson, the owner of Downtown Yoga at 216 Broadway, is doing a broga class on Thursday, August 23. What is broga, you ask? It’s a time to bring your bros together for a night of beer and yoga, of course. Downtown Yoga also does classes like doga (yoga with your dog), wine + yoga, parent and child yoga and many other unique classes.

6. Delicious, Homemade Eats And Treats

Dish from Red Silo cafe
Panzanella Salad. This is a Tuscan bread salad topped with seasonal vegetables and an olive oil and red wine dressing.

Along with Red Silo Studio‘s collection of décor, candles, clothing and other one-of-a-kind items, you can enjoy some great salads, soups and desserts from their little cafe, made by owner Bobbi Jo Cody. All their ingredients come from local farms like Doubting Thomas Farms.

7. Turn Your Fire Into Electricity

Outermost Layer

Outermost Layer sells stoves that will convert your fire into electricity, making it one of the coolest camping technologies in town. Start a fire in the Biolite, and you can charge your devices with the power that’s produced. In fact, for every one of these that you buy, Biolite provides safe, affordable energy access to off-grid households across India and Africa.

8. Mimosas And Manicures

Nail Bar

At one of the ultimate treat yo’ self locations in town, the Nail Bar offers many different manicures, pedicures and other pampering services. However, they also have great beer and wine options to enjoy while being pampered. Just make sure you book early as they fill up quick!

9. A New Venue Downtown

Downtown Venue

Downtown Venue

Downtown Venue

One of the newest venues downtown is tucked right above Sidestreet. With a capacity of 209 people, Downtown Venue has a full bar with 10 taps and a wide, open space so you can customize the layout. It’s available for weddings, dances, parties or other group gatherings. Plus, when you book the room, you can go between the event space and Sidestreet. To book it, call Keith at 701-552-3608.

10. One-Mile Stroll Through Nature

Oak Grove Trail

Are you looking to escape city life for a bit? Try the one-mile Oak Grove Trail along the Red River. The trail entrance is just a little north of the entrance by the City Hall.

11. Bling With Bones?

Soul to Bone jewelry

Soul to Bone jewelry

Soul to Bone, a local jeweler, creates unique jewelry featuring real animal bones. Looking for something for the diehard Bison fan that has everything? Get a bison tooth keychain. We bet your friend doesn’t have that! You can get these unique pieces at Unglued.

12. Bangkok Fire Ice Cream

Silver Lining Creamery ice c ream

Originating in Rapid City, South Dakota, Silver Lining Creamery is one of the new ice cream parlors to open downtown. They make their ice cream on site and feature 18 different flavors at once with two sorbets always on the menu. A few of their unique flavors include lemongrass, lavender honey, Bangkok fire and apple peach mango sorbet. No, the Bangkok fire isn’t excessively hot, but yes, it is delicious.

13. Nitrobrews On Tap

Nitrobrews on tap from Twenty Below Coffee

Twenty Below Coffee has four nitrobrews on tap. Yes, that’s right; they’re on tap and they’re delicious. In this photo, you’ll find their Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Mexico and Blizzard of ’66 blends. However, be aware that their selection is always rotating, besides the Blizzard of ’66.

14. A New Mural From New Artists

Buzz Lab

Buzz Lab

There’s a new mural adorning Downtown Fargo, but this one was created by an unlikely group. The Plains Art Museum Buzz Lab interns created this colorful mural, which hangs on the Plains Art wall on First Ave, in collaboration with visiting artist John Hitchcock. This internship is for teens ages 11-18 who are interested in the arts and sciences, leadership and the environment, and who want to make a positive impact on their community.

15. The Smallest, Cutest Garden You’ve Ever Seen

Ole Tangen Park

You’ve probably never heard of the Ole Tangen Park, but we bet that you’ve walked by it. At only .076 acres, this is the smallest park in Fargo. They have a vegetable garden available for anyone to use. This can be a blessing for locals who do not know how to grow onions or other vegetables, who can just come and pick something available in the garden for their use.

Fun fact: This park received notoriety last year when marijuana was found growing there, which is ironic because the park is right across the street from the Fargo Fire Department.

16. The Great American Run Shop

To celebrate Saucony’s growth, Beyond Running was selected as one of 39 great American run shops in the nation. To celebrate this honor, during the month of July, Beyond Running had many different events like a plogging run where they do a group run and pick up trash along the way.

17. DIY Bike Repairs

Bike repair in Roberts Commons garage

On the lower level of the Roberts Commons Garage, there’s a nifty contraption that will help you fix your bike. It includes a bike pump, wrenches, screwdrivers and anything else you might need to fix your bike.

18. Need Some Help With That Redesign?

Northern Home Furniture

Northern Home Furniture

Did you know that Northern Home Furniture is housed in a building that was built in 1915 and was a Ford Motor Company assembly plant? Now that we got that out of the way, did you also know that when you buy furniture from their store, you get their design service for free? This means that they’ll help you create a floor layout AND help you pick out the perfect furniture!

19. The Band Comes Marching In

Marching band in Zandbroz

Next time you’re in Zandbroz, make sure you take a look up on their wall and see this one-of-a-kind band made from scavenged items. Created by Renee Danz, the band was put up in May, and there are no plans on taking it down.

20. Wine And Cats

Mug from Proper

Love cats? Love wine? Love sassy sayings? Then Proper has something for you! They have a variety of fun Stay At Home Club shirts, stickers, patches, keychains, shirts, coffee mugs and more.

21. Apartment Tour

For the first time ever, the Downtown Neighborhood Association is hosting a downtown tour of homes in September. This event will be similar to what the Hawthorne Neighborhood does for their home tour. The tour is Saturday, September 15 from noon-5 p.m. and there will be eight different condos/homes/apartments in the tour. Tickets can be purchased at Zandbroz, Nichole’s, Northern Home Furniture and on Eventbrite.

22. Unpronounceable, But Delicious, Goodies

German chocolate from Stabo's

Candy from Stabo's

After a successful 46-year-run in West Acres, Stabo’s has moved to Downtown Fargo at 406 Broadway N. While we wish you the best of luck in pronouncing everything, we definitely recommend the melkesjokolade, a Norwegian milk chocolate. In fact, they have a shelf full of different delicious Scandinavian goodies.

23. Formally Making You Money

Formally Yours

Formally Yours

Let’s face it: weddings are crazy expensive. You buy a lot of stuff for one day that you’ll never use again. Well, Jill Bollinger of Formally Yours can help you out! This formal wear resale and consignment store will take your used clothes and décor and sell them. All of the pre-loved items are half off the retail price, and she will take formal wear from events like weddings, prom and Christmas parties. They have formal wear for women, men and even children.

24. Carson Who?

Carson Wentz's signature at Spicy Pie

Carson Wentz's signature at Spicy Pie

Have you heard of this Carson Wentz guy? Yeah, us neither. Well, apparently his autograph is on the wall in Spicy Pie. And apparently, you can put your autograph on that wall, too! Who knew?

25. A Piece Of History In The Open

Boiler Room

Originally built in 1909, the Loretta Building has held everything from a cattle company and Scheels Hardware to a hot dog shop, paint store and a stereo shop, and now it houses many offices and the Boiler Room. An original piece of the boiler is on display in the Boiler Room today to help keep that history alive.

26. Freshly Ground Peanut Butter

Freshly ground peanut butter from Prairie Roots Co-op

Prairie Roots Co-op has a huge bulk section and was one of the first places in town to carry alkaline water. However, what we love the most is that they carry freshly ground almond and peanut butter. You can watch it become peanut butter right before your eyes!

Pro tip: They also sell organic maple syrup in bulk that you can buy and mix in with peanut butter at home. Yummmmm…..

27. Stop & Smell The Flowers

Wildflower Grove

Wildflower Grove

Wildflower Grove

Wildflower Grove

Wildflower Grove

Wildflower Grove is one of the coolest spots along the Red River. It features a community garden and is home to some beautiful wildflowers that will be sprouting over the next several years. Why not take some time to smell the flowers?

28. Help Your Brain Out

Mint + Basil Onnit supplements

MINT + BASIL is the only place in town that carries Onnit supplements. With a range of items that will help your memory, workout or complexion, the supplements are sure to help you in some way.

29. Free Espresso While You Shop

Great Northern Bicycle Company

OK, there are several things to know about Great Northern Bicycle Company. First, did you know that they have the largest green space in Downtown Fargo that anyone can enjoy? Second, did you know that the clock on the top of the building actually tells the real time? Third, did you know that they have free weekly bike rides every week? Fourth, did you know that they’ll give out free espresso shots while you’re shopping? Now you know!

30. Repurposed Decor

Roberts Commons apartments

The lobby of the new RoCo apartments feature mailboxes with a unique decorative twist. The bricks surrounding the mailboxes were extracted from the Fargo Carnegie Library, which used to occupy the site.

31. The Gift Card To Rule Them All

Downtown Fargo gift card

When it comes to Downtown Fargo, there is one gift card to rule them all and that’s the Downtown Fargo gift card that you can buy at This gift card can be used at places like Creatively Uncorked, Eyes on Broadway, Kindred People and dozens of other places.

32. Windows With A Story

Sanctuary Events Center

The stained glass windows in Sanctuary Events Center belonged to the St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, which used to be on that site. Founded in 1886, St. Mark’s was the first English-speaking church in the Dakota Territory. The church was started by Lutheran missionary William F. Ulery, who raised $2,000 for the original structure by going door-to-door throughout Fargo-Moorhead to raise funds. The church building was completed and dedicated in 1912.

33. “GRL PWR”





Human Kind is Kittsona’s own brand that has a wide variety of fun and stylish T-shirts. With nine locations around the country, Kittsona has been rapidly expanding, and they are even selling their Human Kind brand wholesale. The shirts can also be bought on

34. Let’s Get Weird


Pounds is bringing the 90’s house party vibe downtown. In fact, they even have a live DJ on Saturdays starting at 10 p.m. to really pull it all together. We also love their Capri Sun Shooters: a Capri Sun with vodka. #90skidsunite

35. Rolled Ice Cream?

Tea & Crepe rolled eye cream

Tea & Crepe rolled ice cream

One of downtown Fargo’s newest places to satisfy your sweet tooth is Tea & Crepe. Originating in Grand Forks, they specialize in Thai ice cream rolls, bubble tea and crepes. You don’t want to miss this unique dessert experience!

36. Global Influence

O'Day Cache

O'Day Cache

O'Day Cache

Most people know that you can find one-of-a-kind finds from around the world at O’Day Cache. However, what most people don’t know is that Cindy O’Day has a warehouse not far from Downtown Fargo with even more unique products. She primarily purchases from China, India and Morocco, but she also gets products from all over the globe. Usually, you can only go to the warehouse by appointment only, but O’Day will be having an open house on Sunday, September 9 from 12-5 p.m.

37. Do It For The ‘Gram

Silver Lining Creamery

Looking for what to include in your next Instagram story? Look no further than the wall outside Silver Lining Creamery. These angel wings will totally get you some new followers. #DoItForTheGram

38. Cook Like A Pro

Hotel Donaldson cooking class

Hotel Donaldson cooking class

Once a month, the Hotel Donaldson’s executive chef Ryan Shearer leads a food demonstration. Each month, there’s a customized menu and a three-course meal. Shearer cooks the meal and then you get to enjoy it! Plus, you get to leave with the recipe. Call to make a reservation for the next class on Friday, August 31, which is Mexican themed. Tickets are $40.

39. A Miniature Fargo

Miniature Fargo by YMCA

Miniature Fargo at YMCA

Miniature Fargo by YMCA

The YMCA kids gym features a fun multi-level playground with miniature versions of iconic Fargo locations like the Fargo Parks clock, the Hjemkomst Vikings ship and the Visitor’s center.

40. Outdoor Movie Night

Rhombus Guys has a movie on their rooftop patio every Friday night during the summer. Their schedule for the rest of the month is Jumanji on Aug. 3, Batman (1989 version) on Aug. 10, The Emperor’s New Groove on Aug. 17, Thor: Ragnarok on Aug. 24 and Kill Bill Vol. 1 on Aug. 31.

41. Hidden History

DeLendrecies building

On the corner of Main Ave. and 7th St., lies the DeLendrecies building. Originally built in 1894 as the home for the deLendrecies Department Store, it was constructed as a two-story building and was originally the Chicago Dry Goods House. Over the years, the apartments were added on the upper levels and it now houses businesses like VIP Restaurant, SJ Hair Studio and more.

42. The Downtown Patio Crawl

Here’s a fun challenge for you! Try and complete the Downtown Fargo patio crawl. How many of these can you visit in a night?

Front Street Taproom

Rhombus Guys

No Bull

Fort Noks

Hotel Donaldson

JL Beers

Vinyl Taco


Patio at Pounds

Würst Bier Hall

Wurst Bier Hall

Boiler Room

Boiler Room patio


Rosey’s Bistro and Bar



Toasted Frog

Toasted Frog


43. Go On An Adventure

Puzzled Escape Rooms

Puzzled Escape Rooms

Puzzled Escape Rooms

Puzzled Escape Rooms is opening a second location on the third floor of the Syndicate Building at 612 1st Ave. N, a block south of their current downtown location in the Black Building. Can you rescue a time traveler in this new adventure opening in August? The new theme for the space is an Explorer’s Club and it will open with a brand-new adventure, The Time Machine. They also offer five more escape rooms.

44. Coffee, Books & More

Did you know the Fargo library downtown has a cafe? They have one of the best chai tea lattes in town, and you can even enjoy it in the library.

In 2017, all three Fargo Public Library locations had 118,914 adult print titles, 16,523 magazines, 5,559 teen print titles and 87,523 children’s print titles, and those numbers just keep growing.

Did you also know you can check out e-books with your library card?

45. Ready-To-Eat Cookie Dough

Scoop N Dough

We all get cookie dough cravings from time to time, right? Now you can finally satisfy that craving without shopping for ingredients or doing any of the prep work yourself! Scoop N Dough Candy Co. recently opened on 206 Roberts Alley N. In addition to safe-to-eat cookie dough, they also have a variety of ice cream, popcorn, candy, shakes, sundaes and more.

46. Plenty Of Parking

Downtown Fargo parking

Despite what some people may think, there’s plenty of space to park downtown. There are 2,096 spots available, including 252 on Broadway from Sixth Avenue North to Main Avenue. Plus, there are several parking ramps and lots. Spots in most ramps and lots, as well as street parking, are free from 5 p.m. – 8 a.m. and on weekends. For more info, visit

47. Flavor-Packed Vegan Dishes

Greenhouse Cfe

Greenhouse Cafe features an all-vegan menu that includes burgers, chik’n, rice bowls, salads, desserts and more. Whether you’re vegan or not, you’re sure to find something delicious to enjoy, like the Impossible burger or Caribbean rice bowl.

48. More Than A Marquee

Fargo Theatre

Originally built in 1926, the Fargo Theatre has become a staple in Downtown Fargo. In addition to showing independent and foreign films, they also host concerts, stand-up shows and more. Did you know they also have a second screening room that you can rent for parties or other events? They also have $3 kids movies on Wednesdays during the summer and $5 classic movies once a month. They also host the annual Fargo Film Festival, the premier film festival in North Dakota.

49. Hidden Bar

The Cellar at Front Street Taproom

The Cellar at Front Street Taproom

OK, it might not be hidden, but The Cellar in the basement of Front Street Taproom is a well-kept secret. With the extra space, Front Street hosts many unique events, including a foosball league every Thursday night. Check out their Facebook page to keep up with their latest events.

50. Want More?

Did you know that there are more than 40 restaurants, 30 shops and several art galleries? Did you also know that there’s an events calendar featuring all the events happening in downtown Fargo? Well, you can learn all this and more from your one-stop shop for all the Downtown Fargo information you’ll ever need.

Written by Andrew Jason

Andrew Jason is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media. He oversees the production and the wonderful team behind Fargo Monthly, Fargo INC!, Bison Illustrated and Design and Living magazines. In his free time, he enjoys running marathons and pretending he's a much better piano player than he actually is.

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