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The Last Page: Meet the JJ Meets World Podcast

No matter who you are, you have a story. The JJ Meets World podcast aims to tell those stories and share them with listeners across the world.

JJ Meets World podcast

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In December of 2017, JJ Gordon and Tucker Lucas went to have a late night snack at the same spot they had been meeting for almost 20 years. During a second course of honey-BBQ boneless wings, Tucker mentioned that he wanted to start a podcast. JJ agreed – especially if it could be the two of them finding interesting people and just chatting. A little over a month later, Tucker had researched the equipment needs and they recorded their first episode. Over the next three months, they banked a dozen episodes, hired out a logo to be made and started some social media awareness. Since then, they have over 40 episodes featuring a variety of people and sharing their stories with the world.

Host JJ Gordon and producer Tucker Lucas created this podcast as a way to share the art of conversation and exploration. Everyone has a story. Some stories are tender and sweet, some are heartbreaking, some are funny today – but not when they happened. No matter who you are, you have a story. JJ Meets World aims to tell those stories and share them with listeners across the world.

JJ Meets World podcast

Future plans for the podcast include bringing in some national and international scientists, movie stars, authors, someone older than 100, someone younger than 6, business leaders, politicians, inventors, artists, neighbors, psychics, more improv episodes and anything else they can stick in front of a microphone.

Every episode is free and downloadable across numerous platforms: Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, our website. If you aren’t finding JJ Meets World, you aren’t looking hard enough.

Where You Can Find JJ


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Alexandra Martin

Written by Alexandra Martin

Alexandra Martin is the editor of Fargo Monthly. She hails from Huntsville, Alabama, but graduated from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri with a degree in Fashion Communications. When she's not in the office, she is busy taking care of her small zoo of pets, cooking up vegetables, or listening to true-crime podcasts.

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