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Something Sweet This Way Comes To Downtown

Scoop N’ Dough Candy Co., located in the new RoCo retail space, is set to open up on May 17 after its long-awaited arrival.

Scoop n Dough Candy icecream

Photo by Hillary Ehlen

Featured photo, from left to right: Big
pieces); Funfetti edible cookie dough; S’Mores 
dough; Jamocha
swirl); and Shipwreck

Scoop N’ Dough Candy Co. is set to open this month in RoCo retail space.

For his inspiration, Josh Ulrich remembered his childhood. “It’s something that everyone from their childhood recalls,” he said. “Candy stores, getting big scoops of ice cream is something that we all can remember. I thought Downtown Fargo needed something like that. Scoop N’ Dough will complement the many great restaurants in the area, but also welcome more families into Downtown.”

That is where Ulrich formulated the idea for Scoop N’ Dough Candy Co. This sweet treat palace, located in the new RoCo retail space, is set to open up on May 17 after its long-awaited arrival. Ulrich says that they plan to offer other things besides ice cream on their decadent menu. “We are making our homemade caramel corn in house. That’s a family recipe,” he said. “That will be made on site along with our edible cookie dough. The cookie dough is 100 percent safe, we don’t use eggs or anything like that. This stuff is for eating.”

As far as the cookie dough goes, Ulrich says they will have eight different flavors. This will be used to complement any other sweet treat the customer wants, whether that be a cookie dough shake or having some dough and picking up a bag of caramel, cheddar or their signature RoCo mix on the way out. It could not get much sweeter, could it? However, it does as Scoop N’ Dough will have various types of old-fashioned candy that can be purchased as well. Not only that, but you will be able to watch all of the products being made as the equipment is in plain sight of the customer.

Funfetti Edible Cookie Dough

Obviously, the mainstay at Scoop N’ Dough is the ice cream. Though it is not made on sight, Ulrich says they are buying from a premium, local ice cream maker. They did this for a multitude of reasons. “When we envisioned what our shop would be like, we wanted to focus on giving big, generous scoops of ice cream,” he said. “Not only that, we wanted to hit on all of those flavors you loved as a kid. We’ll have Superman ice cream, bubblegum, coffee and double chocolate. That is why we went with a small batch ice cream maker, to get the products we envisioned for our store.”

When searching for space, Ulrich says they always wanted to be Downtown, it was just a matter of where. “We wanted to do something new,” he said. “We looked on Broadway, but decided to take a closer look at the RoCo development. With all of the great restaurants, new businesses and parking in the area, we thought RoCo would be great fit.”

More than anything, Scoop N’ Dough is local. “I live Downtown on Roberts Street myself and love the idea of investing in this great city I’ve called my home for many years now,” Ulrich said. Judging by their Facebook page, which has accrued over 5,300 likes, Fargoans are excited about Scoop N’ Dough’s impending opening too.

“We just want to be a place for everyone,” Ulrich said. “We want to be a place that everyone can come and get their favorite treat. Ice Cream, Candy, Cookie Dough and popcorn, we will have it all.”

Scoop N’ Dough Candy Co.

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Nolan Schmidt

Written by Nolan Schmidt

Nolan is a Contributing Editor/Writer of Fargo Monthly. He is originally from Bismarck, N.D. and is a proud graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead.

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