Unique Wedding Proposals

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Photo by Alison Smith

By Deb McShane

The perfect proposal is every girl’s dream. Deb McShane has been with Wimmer’s Diamonds for 22 years, and throughout her career, she has heard many stories of creative proposals. She shared with us five of her favorite, most unique stories.

  1. A young man used his GPS to combine into a field, “Will you marry me?” and then took her up in his crop dusting plane to check out the fields. I believe he had to bank twice for her to see the proposal as she missed most of it on the first pass!
  2. One gentleman carefully selected the ring of her dreams. He was going to take the ring and his unsuspecting girlfriend on vacation to San Francisco to propose. Oh, the romance, right? NO. He brought the ring and his lady on a tour of Alcatraz, where he proposed. She got her Rock on “The Rock”!
  3. One man dressed the trees and the bushes in the backyard with tiny white lights. He and his girlfriend both were serving our country in the military and were home for Christmas visiting his parents. As they moved closer to the tall bushes and trees that bordered the yard, he hit the remote button in his pocket, which lit the yard into a winter wonderland! There on the tall bushes, the words said it all: “Marry Me?”
  4. At Mezzaluna, with a friend as a chef and a little planning, this couple arrived for their reservation. The young lady was given a rose by the host, one from the waitress and one by the manager. He left to “use the restroom,” only to double back unseen by her to the kitchen. A special dessert was prepared with the words “Will you Marry me?” written in icing and the engagement ring crowning the top! He followed stealthily behind his friend who was carrying the dessert, until the it was presented to her. At that moment he moved to the side and asked for her hand in marriage!
  5. This man’s intended was on an extended safari in South Africa with her parents over the holidays. He knew her exact trip schedule, so he flew to South Africa and arrived at their hotel. The travel guide brought her parents to his room so he could ask for their blessing and her hand in marriage. The next day, with the sounds of “Mosi oa Tunya,” the “Smoke that Thunders,” crashing beside them, he waited by Victoria Falls (bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe). When he heard the guide explaining the magic of the Falls to the tour group and his fiancé-to-be, he proposed!

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