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10 Tips For Winter Wellness

Photos by Hillary Ehlen and Alexandra Martin

When it’s chilly out, all you’re ready to think about is where your mittens are. In freezing temperatures, it’s hard to prioritize overall wellness. Some of these may seem obvious and others might be new to you. Regardless, it’s always nice to have a reminder to keep these tips in the front of your mind. We hope you’ll incorporate all of them into your daily practices. Stay healthy, readers!

1. Catch Extra ZZZs

Tips for winter wellness

Sleep is your body’s time to recuperate and get ready for the activities of your day ahead. The lack of light outside interrupts our natural, internal circadian rhythms and our bodies produce more melatonin, thus making us feel more tired. The distinction between day and night can get blurred in some of the cloudy, cold weather. Because of this, it is natural and important to tuck into bed a bit earlier than you might at other times of the year. Going to sleep earlier and making sure you have a consistent sleep schedule will help you feel less tired and sluggish throughout the day.

Tips for winter wellness

To get the most out of your sleep, cozy up with the Azara Platform Bed from SCAN Design. While in bed, diffuse some relaxing essential oil blends like “Sleep” from Everyone Essential Oils, found at Swanson Health.

2. Take Your Vitamins

Tips for winter wellness

It’s good to aim for a well balanced diet, but the off-season for many nutritious produce items makes it more difficult to keep loyal to this plan. Especially important to include in your life this winter is Vitamin D. With the days being shorter and the weather being colder, it’s unlikely that you’ll get much time in the sun. To make up for the loss of nutrients the sun naturally provides, you might consider taking a Vitamin D supplement.

Swanson Health carries a variety of Vitamin D supplements, from high potency capsules to a liquid dropper version.

3. Get Chatty

Tips for winter wellness

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder that is characterized by feelings of depression that are related to the changing season. The switch from sun kissed cheeks to wind burnt faces takes a toll on us. While it is tempting to want to stay inside and hibernate, it’ll greatly help your overall mood to stay social. Social interaction with friends and family will greatly help in keeping your spirits high.

There are so many fun ways to get social. Check out our events and live music calendars on page 59 for the latest happenings to attend with pals. If the elements are too rough, invite your friends over for some quality time. Welcome them in with a fun Tag door mat from SCAN Design.

4. Soak It In

Tips for winter wellness

Our skin is our largest organ and does so much for us on a daily basis. But when the wind is blowing, your skin takes a hit and our natural sebum production can’t keep up. To counteract the dryness of the air and the sting of the wind, make sure you are moisturizing properly. Your skin is your barrier to the toxins of the world and thus should be treated royally.

Onyx + Pearl‘s Love Thyself Bod Oil from Fat and The Moon has all the good parts of a nourishing oil, but without the thick, heaviness that many others come with.

5. Walk It Out

Tips for winter wellness

Tips for winter wellnessFull exercise routines are not always for everyone. However, it is important to keep your body moving. Bundle up and try to incorporate short walks into your daily schedule to keep your heart-rate up and supply some much-needed sunlight. Doing this will help you acclimate to the temperatures. Make sure to be smart and not to over-do it though. If the weather is too extreme and the sidewalks are too icy, don’t risk it!

Tips for winter wellness

Don’t go out without dressing properly! These Merrell boots from Beyond Running are available in both men’s and women’s styles. Pair them with Darn Tough’s fun, Merino wool socks from Outermost Layer to help your feet stay safe and warm.

6. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Tips for winter wellness

It may seem obvious to some, but please eat your fruits and vegetables this winter! Just because the farmer’s markets are down for the year doesn’t mean you should give up on fresh produce. A great way to get your fruits and vegetables in this season is with smoothies and blended treats.

Power Plate Meals always has new blends of juices available. Blends include Mellow Mojito, Berry Beat and Optic Orange. With how yummy they are, you won’t even notice how healthy you’re being.

7. Limber Up

Tips for winter wellness

We all know the feeling of shivering and having your shoulders tense up to your ears. When it’s cold out, your muscles tend to tighten, making you more prone to achy muscles or even injury. Try some simple stretching each morning or even a few yoga classes a week to keep your muscles from feeling too stiff. No vulnerable muscles here.

Tips for winter wellness

For at-home stretching, keep a Lululemon yoga mat from Beyond Running at home to remind you to use frequently. A matching foam roller is also a good item to keep on hand for some deeper muscle work.

8. Flex Your Brain

Tips for winter wellness

Tips for winter wellness

On days where it’s too cold to workout your body, take time to workout your mind. Chilly weather is the perfect time to cozy up at home and settle in with some good reads. Keeping your mind active is arguably just as important as keeping your body active. Reading books or doing mind puzzles such as crosswords or sudoku can be a fun way to spend a night in.

Tips for winter wellness

Head over to Zandbroz to pick up some local literature. If you’re into novels, we suggest reading the “Whispering Pines” series from North Dakota’s own Kimberly Diede. If non-fiction is more your speed, “Pacing Dakota” by Thomas D. Isern is a collection of essays outlining the history and culture of the region. Also, don’t forget that with a valid North Dakota ID/proof of Fargo address, you can qualify for a free Fargo Public Library card for even more options!

9. Look Good, Feel Good

Tips for winter wellness

Don’t give up your personal sense of style and fashion just because it’s cold out. To ensure that you’re always feeling yourself, make sure that your winter gear is both practical and fashionable. A $500 coat is nice, but you can start small with cute hats, gloves and scarves that you can stock up on to keep things fresh day-to-day.

Tips for winter wellness

Tips for winter wellness

Outermost Layer keeps you warm with this cozy, plaid piece. For the ladies, Kindred People has a plethora of matching hats and mittens that come in such a a variety of colors and weights that you are guaranteed find something to go with your outfit.

10. Stop! Hobby Time

Tips for winter wellness

Consider picking up a new hobby this time of year. Have you been envying beautiful embroidery hoops you see on Instagram? Or do you have words spinning around your head you’d love to turn into poetry? What about a desire to get your hands dirty with some pottery creations? Now is a great time of year to dive into new hobbies to keep yourself busy with as you sit by the fire.

Tips for winter wellness

Unglued hosts a variety of workshops to help you hone in on new skills. Available classes include ceramic ornaments with instructor Jenny Sue, inked tumblers, string art, glass etching and so, so many more.

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Alexandra Martin

Written by Alexandra Martin

Alexandra Martin is the editor of Fargo Monthly. She hails from Huntsville, Alabama, but graduated from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri with a degree in Fashion Communications. When she's not in the office, she is busy taking care of her small zoo of pets, cooking up vegetables, or listening to true-crime podcasts.

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