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10 Favorites From ‘5 Things To Eat & Drink This Month’

PHOTOS BY Hillary Ehlen and Paul Flessland

We chose 10 favorites from our monthly “5 Things to Eat & Drink” articles to recap the delicious food and drink experiences we have enjoyed in the past year. We hope this mouth-watering refresher inspires you to stop by one or all of these local establishments before the New Year is here.

1. Everything Omelet & Coffee Cake

Randy's University Diner

In this breakfast delight, you’ll find eggs perfectly layered with, well, everything really. Bacon, sausage, ham, mushroom, tomatoes, peppers, onion and cheddar jack cheese are all perfectly folded into this picture-perfect omelet so that you get a little bit of everything with each bite. And no matter what you order at Randy’s, a piece of their popular coffee cake is a must.

Randy’s University Diner
2130 University Drive S, Fargo

2. Mocha

mocha Young Blood Coffee Co.

This isn’t just your ordinary mocha. Young Blood Coffee Co. makes their mocha with espresso from Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco, California, and ground chocolate from Nathan Miller Chocolate out of Pennsylvania. It’s topped off with steamed milk and poured to perfection.

Young Blood Coffee Co.
623 NP Ave. N, Fargo

3. Chicken Penne Sun Pasta + White Chocolate Blueberry Cobbler Cheesecake

Speak Easy Chicken Penne Sun Pasta

You’ll get a little bit of everything when it comes to this well-rounded pasta dish. A hefty helping of penne is topped with grilled chicken breast, sautéed artichoke hearts, broccoli, red pepper, onions, sun-dried tomatoes and dressed with a creamy blush sauce. And for dessert, treat yourself to a decadent white chocolate and blueberry delight.

Speak Easy
1001 30th Ave. S, Fargo

4. Reuben

Sons of Norway reuben

Have yourself a little taste of Norway with this perfectly-grilled creation. With homemade corned beef, sauerkraut, grilled marbled rye bread, swiss cheese and a homemade Thousand Island dressing, this sandwich is bound to make your taste buds happy.

Sons of Norway
722 2nd Ave. N, Fargo

5. Gummies Galore

gummies galore

Spoil your sweet tooth with all of the candy goodies that are available at Yeobo Sweet Shop in the back of Unglued. A wall of candy awaits you, and it’s lined with more than 60 bins filled mostly with a wide selection of gummy candies, but also items such as gumballs, hard candies, jawbreakers and individually-priced sweets. If you’re looking for unique gummy bear flavors, 3-foot gummy snakes or gummies shaped like mustaches and sharks, this sweet shop is a must-stop. You can pick-and-mix any combination you’d like for only 67¢ an ounce.

Yeobo Sweet Shop
408 Broadway N, Fargo

6. Sausage Apple Pizza

sausage apple pizza Blackbird Woodfire

Adorned with Béchamel cream sauce, housemade sausage, sliced Granny Smith apples, fresh sage, parmesan cheese and micro greens, this pie is an impeccable blend of both sweet and savory highlights with every bite and makes for one of Blackbird’s most popular creations.

Blackbird Woodfire
206 Broadway N, Fargo

7. Enchiladas

Enchiladas Tacos Trompo

With your choice of cheese or chicken, these fresh enchiladas won’t disappoint, especially if you’re a fan of Mexican street food. These enchiladas are filled with Chihuahua cheese and topped with an incredibly flavorful tomatillo sauce, sour cream, onion, cilantro and queso fresco. Served with a helping of refried beans and Spanish rice, this meal will leave you feeling all sorts of satisfied.

Tacos Trompo
4265 45th St. S, Fargo

8. Crisp Duck Breast with Duck risotto

crisp duck breast with duck risotto

Get ready to spoil your taste buds because this savory duck dish is not only rich in quality but perfect in texture and flavor profiles. Duck breast is oven-crisped to a medium rare finish for a crispy outer layer and a tender inside. The breast is adorned with an orange-thyme gremolata and sits upon a bed a duck confit risotto with sautéed spinach and a blood orange gastrique (similar to a reduction sauce) underneath it all.

Suggested pairings include an IPA, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir depending on your preference.

Porter Creek Hardwood Grill
1555 44th St. S, Fargo

9. Poutine Fries

poutine fries Three Lyons Pub

Once you take one bite, you won’t be able to stop until this cheesy, gravy goodness is all gone. These poutine fries are smothered in a housemade Guinness gravy and topped with fresh white cheddar cheese curds for the ultimate Canadian-style delicacy.

Three Lyons Pub
675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

10. Simcosis

Happy Hours fargo

ABV – 6.9 percent
IBU – 71

A well-brewed IPA is a good choice any time of the year. Flatland Brewery’s simco IPA–brewed with simco hops–has the same IBU as the typical IPA but boasts a little bit more bitterness and that’s entirely a good thing. This brew is perfectly balanced with a citrus taste and a slight piney aroma for an overall refreshing and well-rounded flavor profile.

Flatland Brewery
3140 Bluestem Drive Suite #105, West Fargo

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