Make Room Fargo Chelsea Thorson

Making Room For The Arts: Creative Incubator Set To Expand This Fall

by Ethan Mickelsonon Sep 20, 2017
Local artist, educator and entrepreneur, Chelsea Thorson, is taking her business called Make Room to the next level and carving out a space in the community for both kids and adults to explore their creative sides.

kayla erickson Lucky's 13 pub fargo

Mixologist Of The Month: Lucky’s 13 Pub

by Erica Rappon Sep 19, 2017
Bar manager Kayla Erickson’s invigorating raspberry recipe is no joke when it comes to spirit content, and it will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for another.

Josie Danz Zandbroz Variety Downtown Fargo

What I’ve Learned Being Downtown For 25 Years

by Fargo Monthlyon Sep 18, 2017
Here are the top 25 things Josie Danz, manager of Zandbroz Variety, learned about being a part of downtown for over 25 years.

Tech Tailgate Fargo 2015

12 Local Tech Groups To Unite For Third Annual Tech Tailgate

by Samantha Starkon Sep 15, 2017
The third annual Tech Tailgate will be held in the ally behind Drekker Brewing Company on September 28 from 5:30 – 8 p.m.

Downtown Fargo Monthly

Homeward Animal Shelter

6 Adoptable Pets From Homeward Animal Shelter

by Fargo Monthlyon Sep 14, 2017
To spread the word and shine a very bright light animals finding forever homes, Fargo Monthly has decided to feature cats and dogs from the various shelters and rescues in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Culinary Spotlight Eric Watson

Culinary Spotlight: We’re Not ‘Yolking’ Around Here!

by Eric Watsonon Sep 13, 2017
Chefs are obsessed with eggs. Most food obsessions start at a young age. For me, it was when I was 9 or 10 and began cooking my own breakfast. I loved my sunny-side-up eggs with buttered toast.

Adrienne Olson

The Continuous Evolution Of Downtown Fargo

by Adrienne Olsonon Sep 12, 2017
While people and businesses come and go over the decades, a treasured stock of historic buildings remain today in the core of our city.

Brigitte Bisimwa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The World In Fargo-Moorhead: ‘My Family Was A Target’

by The World In Fargo-Moorheadon Sep 11, 2017
The World in Fargo-Moorhead shows the immense diversity of foreign-born residents now living in the Red River Valley—one portrait and story at a time.

Bison Fans Tailgating

Tailgating Talk: NDSU Makes Changes To Bison Football Tailgating

by Joe Kerlinon Sep 8, 2017
NDSU made a huge change to the tailgating setup this year by increasing the number of reserved spots by 279. If this is news to you, you're already too late to cash in on prime tailgating real estate. But don't start writing that nasty email to NDSU just yet.

Red River Market

Do It All Downtown: Does Downtown Fargo Have Everything You Need?

by Erica Rappon Sep 7, 2017
With the help of a dedicated group of downtown diehards and business owners, we took a look at how it’s possible to live your life in Downtown Fargo without ever really needing to leave. This list is meant to give you a little taste of what’s possible in Downtown Fargo beyond the boutiques and bars.