Year In Quotes

Fargo Monthly’s Year In Quotes

by Samantha Starkon Jan 23, 2017
It had been a great year for Fargo Monthly, and we had the opportunity to feature dozens of inspirational people throughout 2016. As January is coming to an end, we are taking one last look back at the printed words of the Fargoans we met.

Fargo Moorhead Beers

10 Heart-Warming Winter Beers From Fargo-Moorhead Breweries

by Samantha Starkon Jan 19, 2017
With the seasonal change, you’d better believe that your favorite beer-makers in Fargo-Moorhead are brewing up something to keep you company on the cold dark nights to come. Get ready to warm yourself by the fire with these winter beauties, made by local breweries with the cold in mind.

America Shooting Star Casino

Snow Guide

Fargo-Moorhead Guide To Fun In The Snow

by Erica Rappon Jan 18, 2017
Lace up your skates and dust off your skis. The snow is here to stay for the next few months, so you may as well find a way to enjoy it. Luckily, Fargo-Moorhead has plenty to offer when it comes to ice rinks, cross- country skiing trails and sledding hills.

Casey Steele of Square One Kitchen

Square One Rental Kitchen & Events: A Story Of Taking Leaps Of Faith & Growing Your Passion

by Erica Rappon Jan 17, 2017
Although this local shared kitchen space and event center has faced a bit of adversity this year, business has done anything but slow down. Find out how the space came to be and read a first-hand account from our editor after taking one of Square One's cooking classes.

Herd and Horns Fargo

Greg Tehven

Community Spotlight: The Year Of Essential

by Greg Tehvenon Jan 16, 2017
Do you want to have a life focused on essential things? Do you want more time for those you love? Projects you want to start? Space to feel more alive? Here are a few ideas that might be able to guide your process.

North Of Normal

Embrace The Cold At The Second Annual Frostival

by Erica Rappon Jan 13, 2017
Since we can’t do anything about the weather conditions we’re handed, a collaboration of community organizations came up with a way to embrace the frost and beat the winter doldrums: Frostival. It’s back this month for year two and if you missed out last year, you definitely don’t want to make that two years in a row.

Fargo Activities Winter

A Fargo-Moorhead Kids’ Guide To Winter

by Fargo Monthlyon Jan 11, 2017
We know that kids, and even adults, can get a little stir crazy staying inside when it's so cold out. Well, it's time to grab the kids and explore the Fargo-Moorhead area. Check out this guide to burn off the extra winter energy!

Sommelier Sips Wines

Sommelier Sips: 10 Must-Try Wines For 2017

by Martin Hayeson Jan 11, 2017
It's easy to get in a wine rut—finding that one bottle you like and sticking with it. This year, I challenge you to go on a tastebud journey through the wine section and pop the corks on bottles you would've never thought to try last year. Here are 10 wines to help you get started on your vino voyage.

fargo escape room for kids

Escape Jr. Beta Tests Fargo’s First Escape Room For Kids

by Ethan Mickelsonon Jan 11, 2017
Until recently, escape rooms have typically catered to adults, but Fargo's first escape room for kids has recently hit the scene and is now ready for booking. We got a look behind the scenes at Escape Jr.'s setting and storyline during their beta testing.

New Years Resolution

2017 New Year’s Resolutions Guide For Fargo-Moorhead

by Erica Rappon Jan 10, 2017
Roughly 1 in 3 people won't even last 31 days with their resolutions. Will you let yourself be a part of this statistic? We took some of the more common types of resolutions and gave some local suggestions for making them happen in 2017. Good luck, and remember not to give up after January.