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19 Cheap Ways To Improve Company Culture

by Fargo Monthlyon Dec 6, 2016
We know, culture is such a buzzword that it’s almost become cliché. A simple Google search will yield hundreds of articles about how to create a fun and productive culture. Well, we skipped over those articles and went directly to the companies and people in town who are making their business a great place for their employees, as well as their bottom line.

Kay Jastram Jim Hagel Al Jastram

A (FM) Christmas Story: A Lifetime As Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus

by Erica Rappon Dec 5, 2016
Although he’s never been a mall Santa, local resident Al Jastram has spread Christmas cheer in more ways than you can imagine over his 28 years of portraying good ol’ Kris Kringle. And over the last handful of years, he’s had the help of his wife Kay Jastram as Mrs. Claus and his longtime friend Jim Hagel as their elf.

Sammy Kershaw at Shooting Star Casino

Meal Prep Recipes and ingredients

Health & Wellness Spotlight: Meal Prep Success In 10 Ingredients

by Kylee Seiferton Dec 2, 2016
Ashley Sornsin and Kylee Seifert made meal prepping easy with six recipes that only use ten ingredients. That’s right, only ten. They slimmed the grocery list down to just a few ingredients so that you can spend the newfound time taking care of the hustle and bustle of the holidays and, more importantly, get some extra family time in the mix.

Philly Cheesesteak from Pub West

5 Things To Eat & Drink In Fargo-Moorhead This December

by Erica Rappon Dec 2, 2016
From unique seafood to classic 5 recipes, we came up with a delicious list of local fare you should check out this month. What will you try first?

Herd and Horns Ad on Fargo Monthly Website

Monthly Finds Office Goods

Monthly Finds: Office Goods

by Erica Rappon Nov 28, 2016
Looking to score the right equipment for your office or find some goods to spruce up your desk? We found a few items at Fargo shops and boutiques that are perfect for spicing things up at your work space.

Mitch Goldstein

Local Surgeon Builds 100 Percent Self-Sufficient Nonprofit, The JTG Foundation

by Andrew Jasonon Nov 22, 2016
Not settled with just giving to charities, Mitch Goldstein knew there had to be a better way of helping those in need. This surgeon by day, philanthropist by night is now working to build a nonprofit that is 100 percent self-sufficient. And he’s not just stopping in fargo. He has much larger ambitions.

Martin Hayes with wine at 99 Bottles

Sommelier Sips: 5 Wines To Serve For Thanksgiving Dinner

by Martin Hayeson Nov 21, 2016
It is a time to reflect on how fortunate we are to share this time with those we love. But let’s not forget that this is also a time for lots of great food and fantastic libations. However, pleasing everyone can be an almost impossible task. Here are 5 wines that I will be bringing to my family’s Thanksgiving feast!

I love Fargo Prairie Room Greg Tehvan

Community Spotlight: Explore Downtown Fargo With This Scavenger Hunt

by Greg Tehvenon Nov 16, 2016
"My local adventure has inspired me to challenge you–yes, you the reader– to take a half day and join me on a scavenger hunt filled with fun. If you should complete this challenge, which I hope you do, I’ll treat you to the “Hit and Run” special at a hard-to-find coffee shop tucked away in an alley in Downtown Fargo (reveal of location found in the scavenger hunt)." - Greg Tehven

Swanson Health Products Food Labels

Health & Wellness Spotlight: Uncovering Food Labels

by Kylee Seiferton Nov 14, 2016
Food marketing companies have become cunningly clever in recent years at using labels to coerce you into buying a certain item. They use newfound buzz words to make it seem like something that might be healthier for you. Kylee Seifert uncovered the hidden lies and the truth behind all those deceiving food labels. Here is a list of commonly found labels and what they mean.

FM Guide To Dining Deals, Discounts and Specials

Heck Of A Deal: 30+ Local Food Specials That Will Save You Some Dough

by Erica Rappon Nov 10, 2016
You can't complain about saving a little extra dough when you're out to eat, right? It seems like nearly every bar or restaurant has something to offer when it comes to food specials, so we visited 30 places in Fargo-Moorhead to show you a number of quality dishes that you can get one heck of a deal on. Where will you save your money and satisfy your taste buds first?