Kitchen Remodeling- Aubrey Costello and Chris Denman

West Fargo Family Increases Home’s Market Value With A Kitchen Upgrade

by Lauren Wilsonon Aug 22, 2016
Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It sees more traffic than any other room and puts up with the hot, the cold and the messy. To increase their house’s market value and prepare for graduation, one West Fargo family decided on a kitchen upgrade by working with Aubrey Costello of Showplace Kitchens and C&N’s contractor Chris Denman.

Carter Cassola Cooking - Chef

Chef Boy-ardee: Local 12-Year-Old Making Big Strides In Culinary Career

by Erica Rappon Aug 18, 2016
A West Fargo boy is making strides in his dream of having a successful culinary career, and he’s only 12 years old. From making scrambled eggs at 3 years old to submitting a recipe for a White House challenge and cooking competitively on national television, it’s safe to say that Carter Cassola has a fire that ignites his passion for cooking. And it’s a fire that certainly burns hotter than any stove he’s ever cooked on.

Shooting Star Ad on Fargo Monthly Website

The Private Collection: Trever Hill and Susan Cardinal

Introducing The Private Collection: Owners Give Us A Sneak Peek At Their Inventory

by Tracy Nicholsonon Aug 17, 2016
With the housing market booming and builder competition fierce, the need to differentiate and amplify a home's features is paramount. Many have found that staging a home is no longer an optional step, it's become a necessary and valuable part of the selling process. With the demand for design in mind, two locals put their style savvy to work, simplifying staging by offering a place for anyone to rent furnishings on a whim. To show us a sneak peek of their collection, the owners, Susan Cardinal and Trever Hill, set up shop among the trees.

Natural Environment - Koi pond

Natural Environments Brings Home To The Next Level With Tranquil Waters

by Tracy Nicholsonon Aug 16, 2016
Starting with a blank slate, Natural Environments took the home of Steve McGinnis to the next level in just 10 short days. Wild plants, natural stones, accent lighting and a tranquil Koi pond create this backyard escape.

Fargo Monthly and Spotlight Media - August 2015 Business After Hours

Fargo Monthly Sponsors Business After Hours

by Samantha Starkon Aug 16, 2016
Fargo Monthly will be one of the main sponsors of Business After Hours hosted by Spotlight Media at the Fargodome on Thursday, August 18, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Business After Hours is a local outlet that gives businesses an outlet to promote and create opportunities in the area. With roughly 60 different local companies attending, this unique networking event allows participants to converse with industry leaders, vendors and representatives from a variety of organizations.

Sazerac Alley - Mixologist Jason Laub

Mixologist Of The Month: Sazerac Alley

by Erica Rappon Aug 16, 2016
Bartender Jason Laub has been in the bar and restaurant industry long enough to be able to create perfect cocktails without hesitation. At Sazerac Alley, one of Downtown Fargo’s newest hot spots, you can get a taste of his skill by ordering one of his delicious cocktails that have plenty of New Orleans flare.


Grilling 101: Become a BBQ Boss

by Erica Rappon Aug 15, 2016
The number of summer days is dwindling down, but tailgating season is right around the corner. Heed some advice from local experts to make the best of your grilling experience, whatever it may be.

BlackRidgeBANK - Team In Carson Wentz Jerserys

BlackRidgeBANK Is Giving Away Autographed Carson Wentz Jerseys

by Samantha Starkon Aug 12, 2016
BlackRidgeBANK is pleased to announce its endorsement agreement with Carson Wentz, former NDSU standout quarterback and second overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. Available until December 31, BlackRidgeBANK is giving away NFL licensed autographed Carson Wentz Eagles jerseys to the first 200 clients who close a secondary market first mortgage loan with BlackRidgeMORTGAGE.

South Fargo home - Land Elements

Land Elements Creates Contemporary Curbside Perfection

by Tracy Nicholsonon Aug 12, 2016
With an exterior design by local landscape architects Land Elements, this South Fargo home is contemporary, curbside perfection. From the Corten steel screen walls to the Aspen trees and limestone water feature, all elements are focused on creating a tranquil and dramatic entrance.

Weird Al Yankovic

Q&A: Let’s Get Weird With ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

by Andrew Jasonon Aug 11, 2016
With more than 30 years of entertaining his fans, "Weird Al" Yankovic has been making us laugh with his catchy parodies of popular songs. We caught up with him to talk about his upcoming show on Friday, August 12 at the Bluestem Center for the Arts. So, is he as weird as his name implies? You tell us.