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  • 9 Ways To Enjoy Downtown As A Family This Spring

    There’s nothing better than days filled with brilliant sunshine, birds singing and trees showing early bloom. Spring is a favorite time of year for many families. It means warmer weather, spring break, bulky clothes begone, outdoor fun and lake season right around the corner. On any given spring evening, young adults, families and people of […] More

  • fargo-monthly-dreambox-west-fargo

    West Fargo Welcomes Dreambox Learning

    Turn back the clock in your mind and place yourself in elementary school math class. Recall the flashcards and the memorization of multiplication tables. Think about stepping into the dreaded timed tests where you spit out every equation answer you’d so carefully memorized the night before with your parents testing you and crafting up ways […] More

  • Fargo Monthly- Health and Wellness, Synergy

    Health And Wellness Spotlight: Finding Time With The Family

    Photo By Hillary Ehlen I can’t find the time… This is by far the most common answer I receive from potential clients when asking what their biggest obstacle is in the way of their success. In all honesty, it can seem difficult to organize time and find the motivation to exercise, make healthy meal planning […] More

  • CCRI: Build 4 The Guys

    By Marisa Jackels, lead writer at Tellwell Photos Courtesy of CCRI Brad is the first to greet us when we walk through the door. “Hi guys!” he yells from his spot in the kitchen, where he is resting his legs next to his wheelchair. “Am I going to be on TV?!” We laugh. No, this […] More

  • 5 Things To Eat And Drink

    Photos By Hillary Ehlen Fully-Loaded Pizza Would this even be a family food guide without mention of pizza? This T-Rex pizza from Rhombus Guys is protein filled, including toppings of bacon, pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon and beef. There will be no rumbling tummies after a serving of this one! Rhombus Guys 606 Main Ave […] More

  • Family Matters: The Barrett Family

    Photo By Hillary Ehlen Mike and Tasha Barrett live in their West Fargo home with three daughters, Hayley (16), Emma (10) and Anna (6). They are a beautifully blended family, sharing time with their oldest daughter with her father and step-mother in Fargo. With Mike being a Senior Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, Tasha a realtor […] More

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