Letter hooks from Red Silo

Monthly Finds: Around The House

by Fargo Monthlyon Apr 29, 2016
Spring weather is finally making its way to our region, and that means it's time for some spring cleaning and even a little redecorating. Treat yourself and your home to a few of these refreshing home décor items we found around Downtown Fargo.

The Project Issue - Remodel: Delta Design and Studs To Rugs

The Project Issue – Local Remodel: Delta Design & Studs To Rugs

by Tracy Nicholsonon Apr 29, 2016
This month's Design & Living magazine cover story is all about projects. To continue the series, here is the "local remodel" portion of the cover story. Read about Delta Design and Studs To Rugs!

FC Fargo makes plans for their up-and-coming 2016 season

Soccer Fever: Catching Up With FC Fargo

by Samantha Starkon Apr 28, 2016
With a successful first season under their belt, FC Fargo only lost one game last year. We caught up with founder Tim Singleton to talk about what’s changing, their new home and what we can expect in 2016.


Artist Feature: Cho.Be.Art And Design – The Layers Of Inspiration

by Hailey Colbrunnon Apr 28, 2016
Cardboard, chicken wire and sand. Magical experiments ensue when the artist’s freedom extends beyond paint and brush. Life is not limited to one layer, so why should representations of life be any different?

Peter Cetera at Shooting Star Casino

Leek Omelet made by Eric Watson

Culinary Spotlight: Springing A Leek – The Subtly of Springtime Onions

by Eric Watsonon Apr 28, 2016
Chef Eric Watson talks about his techniques for springtime cooking with different types of onions, leeks and more. Get his recipe for a delicious leek omelet in this month's culinary spotlight.

Kilstone Brewery owners staff and dog

Beer, Wine & Spirits From The Valley: Kilstone Brewing

by Erica Rappon Apr 27, 2016
It’s a family affair of sorts when it comes to Kilstone Brewing, Fargo’s most recent brewery on the scene. Randy, Jan, Grant and Brock Wigen are the owners, founders and operators behind the young establishment featured in this month's cover story.

Herd and Horns Ad on Fargo Monthly Website

Trever Hill Design

Trever Hill Design: Friends By Design

by Trever Hillon Apr 26, 2016
When you have a friend who happens to be a designer, there's bound to be some fringe benefits. Homeowners Karla and Jeff Johnson have been good friends with designer Trever Hill for ten years, then hired him back in 2009 for a basement re-design. Recently, over a casual dinner, the conversation turned to remodeling their kitchen and dining room, taking their once whimsical, traditional style to an ultra contemporary re-design.

Staff and owners of Prairie Rose Meadery

Beer, Wine & Spirits From The Valley: Prairie Rose Meadery

by Erica Rappon Apr 26, 2016
Susan and Bob Ruud own and operate the Prairie Rose Meadery, the first of its kind in the region, with the help of their son and family friend. In the last near year of operation, the meadery has seen great success and has grown their inventory in ways they never thought they would.

The new Sanctuary Events Center in downtown Fargo will host eight concerts for 2016.

From Sir Mix-A-Lot to Animal Collective: Sanctuary Events Center Announces Summer 2016 Lineup

by Samantha Starkon Apr 25, 2016
The new Sanctuary Events Center’s summer lineup has something for everyone. Jade Presents recently announced this year’s scheduled concerts and events that’ll be hosted at the events center in downtown Fargo.

Top Events

Top Fargo Events Of The Week: April 25th – May 1st

by Danielle Wenteon Apr 25, 2016
Once again, Fargo has a long list of great events to check out this week. Here are our top picks. If you are interested in viewing more, visit our Events Calendar.