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  • Fargo Monthly- Health and Wellness, Synergy

    Health And Wellness Spotlight: Finding Time With The Family

    By Patrick Metzger, Synergy Strength & Nutrition  Photo By Hillary Ehlen I can’t find the time… This is by far the most common answer I receive from potential clients when asking what their biggest obstacle is in the way of their success. In all honesty, it can seem difficult to organize time and find the […] More

  • CCRI: Build 4 The Guys

    By Marisa Jackels, lead writer at Tellwell Photos Courtesy of CCRI Brad is the first to greet us when we walk through the door. “Hi guys!” he yells from his spot in the kitchen, where he is resting his legs next to his wheelchair. “Am I going to be on TV?!” We laugh. No, this […] More

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    5 Things To Eat And Drink

    Photos By Hillary Ehlen Fully-Loaded Pizza Would this even be a family food guide without mention of pizza? This T-Rex pizza from Rhombus Guys is protein filled, including toppings of bacon, pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon and beef. There will be no rumbling tummies after a serving of this one! Rhombus Guys 606 Main Ave […] More

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    Family Matters: The Barrett Family

    Photo By Hillary Ehlen Mike and Tasha Barrett live in their West Fargo home with three daughters, Hayley (16), Emma (10) and Anna (6). They are a beautifully blended family, sharing time with their oldest daughter with her father and step-mother in Fargo. With Mike being a Senior Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, Tasha a realtor […] More

  • Family Matters: The Feigum Family

    Photo By Hillary Ehlen Carrie and Jesse Feigum are high-school sweethearts, together for 21 years and married now for almost 13 years. Jesse is one of the owners of local-favorite, Drekker Brewing Company and Carrie stays at their Moorhead home with their four boys; Jonah (11), Seth (9), Henry (5) and Benjamin (3). What are […] More

  • Fargo-Monthly-Family-Matters-Burns

    Family Matters: The Burns Family

    Photos By Hillary Ehlen Chelsea Burns and her 3-year-old son Ozzie are a fun-loving duo. Chelsea is the Marketing Director at Michael J. Burns Architects, but also enjoying flexing her creative muscle at her design business, Cho.Be Art & Design. To keep the two of them company, they share their home with Margot the Great […] More

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