Blue Ceramic Flowers

Now Trending: Shades Of Blue

by Aubrey Schieldon Jul 5, 2015
Taking a cue from nature, this season’s Pantone color picks are softer and cooler shades of the artist’s palette. We zero in on the blues that will have you feeling like you are lounging on a beach. Aquamarine, scuba blue, Lucite green and classic blue are the colors that bring serenity to a space and remind us of quiet and relaxing days outdoors.

latte art coffee

Our July Agenda: Barista Edition

by Erica Rappon Jul 4, 2015
This month, we decided to reach out to area baristas to find out what they'll be doing when they're not roasting up coffee and what they're excited about.

Kiefer Popsicles

How To Make This Cool Treat That Also Optimizes Your Digestion

by Lindsay Vettlesonon Jul 4, 2015
What is kefir, how it helps your digestive system and how to make it into a tasty treat you and your children will love.

Detroit Mountain Ramp Curve

Detroit Mountain Bike Trails Offer An Unforgettable Outdoor Fitness Experience

by Aubrey Schieldon Jul 3, 2015
Stride Editor Aubrey Schield's workout of the month took her to the Detroit Mountain Bike Course which proved to be not only a great workout, but an amazing outdoor experience.

Red Brick Boutique Exterior

3 Wonderful Lakeside Boutiques To Check Out This Summer

by Fargo Monthlyon Jul 2, 2015
Step inside three beautiful lakeside boutiques in the Detroit Lakes and Ottertail areas this summer.

Old School Ice Cream from Eric Watson

Culinary Spotlight: Old School Ice Cream

by Eric Watsonon Jul 2, 2015
Chef Eric Watson churns up some old-fashioned strawberry ice cream. Try his recipe today!

Twitter Dog Boston Terrier

Fargo According To Twitter: June 23rd-30th

by Lydia Gilbertsonon Jul 1, 2015
Find out what happened this week in Fargo from the perspective of a little blue bird who speaks in 120-characters or less.

fargo sky this week

Everything You Need To Know About The Sky This Week

by Lydia Gilbertsonon Jul 1, 2015
The sky in Fargo has been unusually hazy this week, occasionally featuring an unusually-colored sun.

Cotton Candy Sundae from Coolbird Creamery

5 Local Businesses Churning Up Tasty Gelato And Ice Cream

by Erica Rappon Jul 1, 2015
Did you hear? The month of July is also known as National Ice Cream Month. So, we wanted to show our love to this beloved dessert by highlighting local businesses that are churning up tasty ice cream and gelato.