Western Products Siding Guide

Give Your Home Some Curbside Character

by Tracy Nicholsonon May 28, 2015
Fargo area experts in exterior home design weigh in on the biggest trends in siding and more for this season.

The Fargo Theatre in the 1930's merged with a photo from 2015.

6 Suprising Historic Facts About Fargo-Moorhead

by Lisa Marchandon May 28, 2015
We dug up some facts about Fargo-Moorhead that’ll make you laugh, cry or might even make you go, “Oh. Now I get it!”

Fargo Marathon Runners

5 Awesome Maps For Summer Runnin’

by Aubrey Schieldon May 27, 2015
Looking for some guidance on where to run this summer? Look no further. We've got maps to please all sorts of runners.

Art Projects at Katherine Kilbourne Center

Flex Those Creative Muscles This Summer

by Lisa Marchandon May 27, 2015
We know it’s important for kids to get out and exercise, but it’s just as vital for them to flex their creative muscles this summer. Get a look inside the Katherine Kilbourne Center for Creativity in Downtown Fargo.

Feet on a Bike Machine at Courts Plus

Cycling Class 101

by Aubrey Schieldon May 26, 2015
This month, Stride Editor Aubrey Schield I took her very first cycling class and, as anyone else who’s done it can tell you, it kicked her butt. Get the breakdown of this workout and try it for yourself.

Wine Glass

Sommelier Sips: Specialty Dessert Wines

by Jean Tayloron May 26, 2015
What makes a dessert wine different from any other wine? Jean Taylor, Mosaic Foods' Sommelier explains.

Chef Life Knuckle Tattoos of Tom Olson

Summer Grilling Tips & Recipes From Three Area Chefs

by Erica Rappon May 26, 2015
We spoke with area chefs to get the low-down on the best grilling techniques and recipes from the masters themselves. After this, you’ll already be on your way to having a grill-happy summer, so fire up the coal and start cooking.


Top 5 Events Of The Week: May 24-30

by Linda Norlandon May 25, 2015
Check out this week's top 5 events, including a hammock hangout and a dog show!

Grass Up Close

7 Easy Tips For Lawn Care This Season

by Erica Rappon May 23, 2015
We sat down with Luke Schaunaman, co-owner of Love Your Yard, to get the inside scoop on his budding business and he provided you, the reader, with basic lawn care tips that you’re sure to benefit from.

Dark Beer

New Irish Pub-Themed Brewery To Open In Fargo

by Lydia Gilbertsonon May 22, 2015
The Drumconrath Brewing Company just launched their Kickstarter Campaign to open a new pub-style brewery in Fargo.